Ask and Receive Can Set You Free

Pam and I love Ask and Receive. I created this little video (which is also posted on to give just a little taste of this powerful new technique. We created this along with our partner and friend Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW.

When Sandi and I initially came up with it, I was struggling with health issues. I seemed to be sick all the time with multiple bouts of pneumonia and allergies that were so chronic that the doctor wanted me to get surgery on my sinuses. Instead of all that, Sandi and I started working with Ask and Receive to change the way my body was responding to the world around me. In very short order I started to feel better and now, several years later, I have not been sick in years.

Pam, Sandi and I were pretty excited when we came up with Ask and Receive and quickly started using it on each other for everything we could think of and discovered that it seemed to be effective at helping us (and other people) let go of traumatic memories and related beliefs. We also found ways of using it to release even our judgments. What is so amazing about this is discovering how much power and freedom comes with it.

Trauma, beliefs and judgments are the foundation of the map we construct of reality. There is an old adage that “the map is not the territory”, but our minds don’t understand this. To the mind, the map is the territory. We can’t see anything else.

Ask and Receive works by reaching past our rational mind to the parts of self that are beyond the limitations of this map, to the parts of self that already know how to resolve the problem we are having, and then bring that information down into our current reality.

I know this sounds like mumbo jumbo. When Sandi, Pam and I discovered it we thought so too. When my sinuses started clearing and our feelings started shifting just from making a few statements we laughed in wonder. Neither of us believed it would work, and even today we sometimes forget to use it because we are so convinced of the truth of whatever limitation we are dealing with.

A couple years ago I hurt my back terribly. The doctors could offer nothing more than pain relievers and muscle relaxers so it finally occurred to me to use Ask and Receive for it. It started to work immediately but there was still residual discomfort that I couldn’t clear. I remember one day in the summer sitting on the beach using Ask and Receive for everything I could think of to try to release my pain. Finally I gave up and started using it for some money worries and as they cleared I found that my back pain was gone. Not just better, but gone. I got up, moved around, went for a long walk, went in the ocean. Gone. Now at least 3 years later, it is still gone.

Loving Your Relationships is all about clearing blocks that you hold which interfere with your happiness. All of us have relationships with our health, our finances, our children, our families, our work, our world. Ask and Receive is a powerful tool for finding, and clearing them where they live, within us.

If you would like to learn more about Ask and Receive I hope you will go to and poke around, but even better, while you are there you can purchase the Foundations Video set which offers 4 hours of training along with lots of supporting information for only $47.

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