Bringing in a Beloved Partner Discovery Session

11042329-portrait-of-a-happy-romantic-couple-outdoorsDo any of these describe your situation?

  • You desire a beloved mate in your life and are tired of being single.
  • You tell yourself that you are really very happy being single and that putting yourself “out there” is just too much work or too scary……….
  • You have been single for years and think that it is just too late for you in this lifetime so you just shouldn’t try.
  • Your last relationship was so painful that you don’t want to be hurt again.
  • Your friends tell you that there aren’t enough men out there in your age range.
  • You tell yourself that all the available men or women are too “messed up” nowadays.

A lot of us put our relationships last on our to-do list. There are so many other things to focus on instead like:

  • Completing work projects, getting our taxes done, being with our kids or grand-kids, or figuring out what to make for dinner tonight…….(the list goes on and on……)

Can you relate to any of these situations? Would you like one solution to these issues right at your fingertips?

Well, I came up with a great opportunity for you to take advantage of. I’m opening up a limited amount of spots to coach with me—for a 45 minute Transform Your Relationship Discovery Session.

I make room in my schedule for 3 Discovery Sessions per month.

These sessions are snapped up fast. And to be considered, you’ll need to fill out an application. Once you fill out the application I’ll let you know right away whether you get one of these coveted spots.


In this Transform Your Relationship Discovery Session, I’ll walk you through:

  • Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from having that beloved partner in your life.
  • Get clarity about exactly what you want in a relationship.
  • One simple step you can take immediately to get into action.

I will also invite you toward the end of our session, to hear about my program called The 6 Secrets to Happy Relationships– For People Who Want to Sure-Fire Positive Changes into their Relationship.

All you need to do is click on the link below, answer a few simple questions and press send. That’s it!


Once I receive your application, I will get back to you within a few days to let you know if your application has been accepted. ( I only have a limited amount of spots available.)

I hope you apply soon! There is only one way to find out for sure if you get this opportunity and that is to apply right away!

I look forward to receiving your application…….

With Love and Gratitude,
Pam Altaffer, LCSW
Relationship Coach