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From an early age Tom has enjoyed fixing things. As a child he would spend hours taking things apart and putting them back together so he could understand how they worked: what made them tick. As an adult it was natural for him to apply this to helping his clients as a psychotherapist. Tom was initially surprised that this approach did not fit well into traditional therapy. Problems were not fixed in therapy. Instead he was taught that things could only be improved and even then improvement was slow and painful both for the client and the therapist. Early in his career Tom decided that there was something very wrong with a field where it was considered unethical the even hint at the possibility of a “cure”.

Tom’s thirty year career as a psychotherapist is marked by his desire to fix things and to understand what is making people tick. With his wife Pam Altaffer, LCSW, he has sought training from the most famous and successful therapists of his generation, and looked “under the hood” of the mind, learning hypnotic trance and ways of shifting subconscious structures.

His search has always put him ahead of the curve in psychotherapy. He was a Brief Therapist when the words brief and therapy were considered incompatible. He was a family therapist when such a thing was considered untested. He worked with autistic and developmentally disabled individuals when they were not even thought not to have human feelings. He has investigated 30 years of traditional, alternative, hypnotic and energetic therapies, and when he couldn’t find what he needed to help his clients, he invented new ones.

In addition to developing Ask and Receive with Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW and his wife, Pam, he is the author and developer of the Releasing Technique and Higher States Therapy. He has worked as a psychotherapist for over 30 years offering Family, Couple’s and Individual therapy. He has worked as a consultant to schools, agencies and institutions in several states. Tom also works as a Life Coach and educator, presenting his theories and therapies around the world.

Tom divides his time between southern New Jersey and Tucson, Arizona. He lives with Pam Altaffer, his wonderful wife and life partner of over 30 years (and counting) and teenage daughter, Katherine. He also has a grown son, Alex.

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