Attracting The Love Of Your Life Testimonial

Diane Ross, Stone Harbor, NJ

filename-1Pam helped me shift my dysfunctional relationship patterns. Once I did that, then there was room for my new husband. My marriage of the last 10 years couldn’t be any better! My relationship is just wonderful. I am so grateful for Pam’s system.

Attracting The Love Of Your Life Platinum Program Testimonial

Erin D., Visual Artist

erin danielsPam Altaffer’s program, “Attracting the Love of Your Life”, helped open my heart to true love by healing and releasing long held negative thoughts and emotional patterns. In the past I never expected or felt particularly deserving of love. I experienced painful and unfulfilling relationships throughout my life and felt doubtful of ever finding a true partner in this life. Working with Pam helped me to learn to love myself and expect a healthy, loving relationship.
Less than a year after working with Pam I unexpectedly met the most wonderful man. Our relationship blossomed with grace and ease and he is kind, loving and trustworthy beyond my wildest dreams. Our relationship is built on mutual trust and a deep friendship that I would not have been capable of before my work with Pam’s program.
Pam’s method of coaching creates a sense of safety and comfort that allowed me to share my most personal thoughts and feelings with complete trust. Pam was kind and sensitive yet gently pushed me to be my best self. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Pam’s program.
The techniques and processes Pam teaches are invaluable tools for my continued growth and healing. I would recommend Pam’s “Attracting the Love of Your Life” program to anyone looking for more love, joy and vitality in their life!


Attracting The Love Of Your Life Program
Roseanna Bodner, Psychotherapist


With Pam’s help, I was able to address my fears and concerns about re-entering the dating world. Pam helped me every step of the way. She was effective in dealing with underlying issues that were sabotaging my hope of ever finding my special someone. The techniques that I learned were also helpful in other areas of my life in which I felt stuck. Her gentle and patient approach helped me feel comfortable. Her positive encouragement continued to motivate me throughout my journey. Eventually, I was able to meet a wonderful man and became engaged. I would recommend Pam to anyone, especially for those who feel as though they reached a brick wall in finding the love of their life.

Roseanna Bodner, LCSW
Psychotherapist in Southern NJ

Phone: 856-534-3183
Attracting the Love of Your Life Testimonial

Karen F. from Chicago

IMG_2911Pam helped me enormously in a number of ways. She helped me to identify and heal emotional and energetic blocks to attracting a healthy relationship and then to move more deeply into it. During our sessions, I began to online date, which she also helped me to navigate. After a few weeks of our sessions, I met my current boyfriend. We have now been together for well over a year and are planning our future together!

Pam’s program and her compassionate wisdom guided me towards a great deal of clarity and hopefulness. I was very discouraged about finding a loving relationship and then trusting in it after so many years of being alone. Pam helped me to get my power back and trust in myself, my beloved and the power and wisdom of the universe. A tall order indeed!

I loved everything about working with Pam! She was able to efficiently help me to identify core emotional issues and limiting beliefs I had about myself and others and then skillfully helped me to clear them and move in to a much more empowered state. Pam also helped me to navigate the anxieties and insecurities of a new relationship and helped me to realize how expansive and challenging relationships can be. That set me free to open my heart and ready myself to love and abundance. She is loving and kind and smart and wise. And I can’t forget her great sense of humor! What a relief that was on a number of occasions. I cannot recommend her enough.

Marilyn, California

Tom Altaffer has a gift for knowing exactly what is needed in the moment to move ahead with goals. The techniques that Tom has used in our coaching sessions have had a profound effect on my happiness, my creativity and my relationships. I feel restored to the core as a human being. Grateful am I.



Thelma, Melbourne, Australia

I loved every moment of working with the lovely Pam Altaffer on improving the relationship with myself.
She is so insightful, and gets exactly what I’m saying, and I love how easy she makes the processes she takes me through to clear and heal what comes up each session.
I also loved her gentle encouragement and her warmth as we journeyed together to get me to where I am today. What a fabulous journey!
I am now so much more aware of when I judge myself, beat myself up and notice my self talk. Through our time together I feel as though I’ve gained so much insight into the relationship with myself, and as a result I feel I am much kinder and more nurturing to myself.
Now I am able use all the skills you taught me as I move forward in my life.
Thank you Pam, it’s been such a blessing!


Marilyn, California

Tom Altaffer has a gift for knowing exactly what is needed in the moment to move ahead with goals. The techniques that Tom has used in our coaching sessions have had a profound effect on my happiness, my creativity and my relationships. I feel restored to the core as a human being. Grateful am I.



Professional Conference Attendee

Joan Kaylor, MSEd, LPC, DCEP
Holistic Lifestyle Solutions


I want you to know I have been using Ask & Receive since coming home from the conference.

One couple in particular I told them today “No more stories. No more ‘he said, she said'”
Do you both want to save your marriage? Are you both ready to take full responsibility for your reactions to the other person’s decisions and choices? If not we are done. My glasses were almost at the end of my nose.

At the end of the session they were both crying and telling each other they loved each other.
I told them “I didn’t say this would be easy. You both have been hurting each other for a long time. It is time to heal and forgive.”



Relationship Testimonial

Anne from New Jersey

Hi Tom,
You have been popping into my mind the last couple of weeks so I thought that I would drop you a note. I have finally met the person that I have been waiting for! It was all so serendipitous. He is a widower who has been with his daughter the past 6 years getting her through high school and off to college. He is kind, sensitive, communicative, loving, and very funny. Best of all he loves me just how I am! I have never been happier. Thanks for all you have helped me with…I believe again!
Anne (not her real name)

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  1. terrylynch7@gmail.com
    October 21, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    Working with Tom and Pam has been an inspiration and life changing. I loved reading the free download booklet “Loving Your Relationships”, and was moved by the authentic nature of their sharing. The booklet provided wonderful insight into my relationship with my husband and other family members as well. But working with them is even better! Pam’s loving, inviting and intuitive nature makes her so much fun and easy to share with. Tom just seems to know the right way to guide my thinking process and challenge me to explore my greater self.
    I am so grateful to you both and feel so blessed to know you!

  2. October 27, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    I’m a member of Women Evolving with Pam. I have participated in Beta testing as Pam and Tom have developed some of the concepts found here. What I can assure those on the fence about working with them is that this couple acts with supreme sincerity with their top priority being to help their clients. They listen. They support. They help.

  3. Nancy
    July 8, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    I watched Pam’s video on “you tube” about receiving a “traffic ticket” and using the Ho’oponopono technique she learned through Dr. Hew Len. It made me think anything is possible. I tried it. First I tried it on an object. I was having trouble with my washer/dryer combo machine. It would start a cycle then cut out in the middle. I started doing Ho’oponopono . Might sound silly but I have had it for 17 years The size of the load I have was perfect and I really love it. A day later I was ready to do another load of wash and low and behold I saw a plastic card sticking out of the top of the washer. It was a pool pass from 2003. I didn’t move into my place till 2006. After I lifted that out my washer it worked like new. Now I do it on everything. I had 2 friends going into surgery, for 2 different things ,both scared . I started doing Ho’oponopono I asked the one friend to do it for herself as well. That friend said when they went in to operate they found no Cancer. The other friend said her surgery went smooth no problems.
    Any time I feel stress now, I take a deep breath, relax and start doing Ho’oponopono. Thank you Pam for inspiring me and showing me the power of this Hawaiian insight.

    • Pam
      July 8, 2016 at 9:10 pm

      Wow. Thank YOU Nancy for sharing the many ways one can use Ho’Oponopono. You showed how love and forgiveness changes one’s world…..one’s reality. Love is SO powerful!!!

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